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Dave's Green Socialist Big Society

Scots land rights to be extended to England - Scotsman.com News
The report's co-author Phillip Blond, whose Red Tory book formed much of the thinking behind David Cameron's "big society" and the Conservative manifesto, will argue that after a decade of booming state investment and welfare spending under Labour, "meaningful assets and market entry have become the preserve of the rich."
Blond and his co-author Steve Wyler take their cue from the 2003 Land Reform Act (Scotland) passed by MSPs which allowed communities to buy up vast tracks of land north of the Border.
The report argues that buy-outs have led to entrepreneurship in Scotland in communities where people have a stake in the assets.
It notes: "in Scotland especially, there has been a rapid increase in community energy experimentation, including community owned wind power, ground source heat pumps, biofuels, anaerobic digestion, hydro-electric schemes, solar power, etc."

So the rich have more "meaningful assets" - wow! That has come as a shock.
And as for the rest of it I think it can be translated into self appointed "community groups" being given shed loads of tax payer cash to compulsory purchase private property to then spunk away even more taxpayer cash on fatuous green wet dreams on it.

And this is from the man who does Dave's thinking for him.


"So the rich have more 'meaningful assets' - wow! That has come as a shock."

Quite a surprise, eh?

What's more, I have it on good authority that the rich are evidently wealthier than the rest of us too.

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