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D for Dumb

One in five children have rickets, claim doctors | Mail Online

The return of rickets in northern parts of the UK came as a surprise despite the colder climate and lower levels of sunshine in the north, but what has developed in Southampton is quite astonishing.
'This is almost certainly a combination of the modern lifestyle, which involves a lack of exposure to sunlight, but also covering up in sunshine, and we're seeing cases that are very reminiscent of 17th-century England.
Vitamin D is often called the ‘sunshine vitamin’ because it is made by the action of sunlight on the skin, which accounts for 90 per cent of the body’s supply.
Although white children can develop rickets, many affected children in the UK have Asian, Afro-Caribbean and Middle Eastern origins.

Whether it is yummy mummies swaddling their children in factor 50 Boden clothes at the hint of a sun ray, kiddy-fiddler fearers locking their kids indoors all day or the melanin enhanced denying their bairns the extra sun they need for cultural reasons it is all stupidity. A disease that is completely avoidable being inflicted due to dumb ignorance. Cluebats need to be wielded.


It might be worth noting that many adults are vitamin D deficient.
Especial if they wear the oclusive clothes favoured by some groups plus pigmantary sunlight obstruction..
The daily requirement is now higher than was considered necessary in yesteryear.

This is so appallingly stupid. Sunshine-activated vitamin D (D2, cholecalciferol) is manufactured with an efficiency that can be matched by dietary supplements only with great difficulty. Fifteen minutes a day of bright sunlight (especially in the tropics, with its high UV index) all it takes to generate enough to avoid deficiency. No-one gets skin cancer from 15 minutes a day, otherwise we'd be extinct by now.

It really is astounding how much of the Statist/Leftist/Righteous agenda appears designed to worsen the human condition, rather than simply worsening it via inadvertence. The fool vs. knave conundrum is not enlightening. From lengthy exposure to adherents of this nonsense, it does appear that they are merely deeply stupid rather than malevolent, but there comes (and has come) a time where the effects of stupidity are indistinguishable from malevolence, and thus the fools probably need sanctions as rigorous as would normally be applied to the knaves.

David Gillis, you now understand that socialism is bad for health, wealth and liberty.

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