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Silly Asses To Run Eeyore Forecasts

Extreme weather forecasts: web users unite to power climate change project | Environment | The Guardian

From today, anyone with a computer and internet access can be part of a huge, pioneering climate change experiment, The weatherathome.net project, probing the controversial question of whether extreme weather events will become more or less common as the world warms.
By running advanced climate models while their PCs are idle, participants will estimate how often heatwaves, floods and hurricanes will strike in the next few decades. The initiative will also indicate how much of the blame for these events can be attributed to greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans
To tackle the question of how much human activities are to blame, the weatherathome.net project will process data from the past 50 years. The initial conditions in the models are modified to reflect what they would have been like if industrial activities had not produced vast amounts of greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions. The difference between these simulations and the real weather will provide a way to asses (sic) the human contribution to recent weather trends. The question of attribution is likely to be key to the legal action already being taken by some groups against polluters

Why do I get a feeling it would be more useful in the fight against climate change if people saved power and turned off their computers rather than have them on churning this data. I think any defence lawyer would welcome a prosecution based on its printouts.


provide a way to asses (sic)

How very Grauniad.

So they want you to run their (flawed, incomplete, biassed) models, on a huge scale, in order to...prove what they thought of in the first place, by any chance?

Can anyone say GIGO?

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