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Winter Draws On

Big freeze is back - and this time it's even colder - Scotsman.com News

Now experts have forecast the early onset of freezing weather in mid-November could be the start of a long, cold winter at least as severe as last year's.
Last winter, Scotland's coldest since 1963, the severe weather largely kicked in around the middle of December.
Forecaster Brian Gaze said: "A cold spell lasting a week or longer starts on Sunday, pushing south with an increasing risk of frost and snow. Overnight frosts are likely to be widespread, with lows of -10C possible where snow lies."
He added: "The pattern is similar to the one which brought wintry weather last December.
"This is a sharp spell of wintry weather for November. I've analysed Numerical Weather Prediction models - the basis for medium-range forecasts - since 1994 and have never seen anything like this in any previous November."


Are these the same experts who predicted "barbecue summers" for three of the last four years?

Because if they are, I think you might get a better forecast by studying chicken entrails.

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