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The £200 Billion Cost of Huhnatic Policies

Radical overhaul aims to boost green energy | The Times

Britain's electricity market is braced for its biggest shake-up since privatisation as the Government prepares to unveil a package of measures designed to shore up £200 billion worth of investment in greener sources of energy over the next decade.
Mr Huhne claimed yesterday that the reforms would represent a seismic shift in energy policy.
They are expected to include a carbon floor price designed to penalise investment in fossil fuel power stations and boost the attractiveness of lowcarbon energy. This is expected to rise steeply every year to force energy companies to invest in lower-carbon sources of power, such as wind parks and nuclear reactors. One official said that the rate of increase could be as high as 5 per cent to 6 per cent a year.
This will be accompanied by a mechanism aimed at reducing revenue uncertainty for low-carbon electricity generators by establishing a full system of feed-in tariffs,....
An Emissions Performance Standard will be introduced for fossil fuel power stations that will stop new coal stations being built unless they are equipped with CCS technology to strip out and store carbon emissions.
The measures are intended to ensure that Britain secures sufficient investment to allow it to meet its EU target of generating one third of its electricity from renewables by 2020 — a programme that is expected to cost nearly £200 billion.

Thank goodness the Government has plenty of money to splash about on wonderful green schemes, and we don't really need the lights on in 2020 do we?


The Carbon Reduction Commitment system has also changed recently. There will no longer be a rebate of credits for the best performing companies. The money will be going straight into Government pockets.

They have decided the UK should be more expensive to live and work in.

There are two scams going on. The whole carbon credits is complete bulls**t. The purpose of it it to move money from the citizens pocket to someone elses pocket. The stated purpose is to prevent global warming but even if the AGW theory were true this attempt would do little or nothing to stop it. It will however throw the citizens into bankruptcy and make some special interest groups really rich.
The second scam is the "alternative" energy. There are no viable alternative energy schemes. We could not survive as a 1st world country if all we had to work with was the energy that a windmill or PV produces. It costs from 20 -32 times as much as electricity generated from a coal fired generator. They know this of course and no one is trying to replace the existing energy generation system with alternatives. Instead they want to incrementally introduce the alternative a little bit at a time with the "promise" that one day it will be our salvation. But it will not. It will do nothing more then increase our cost of energy while making the companies and politicians involved in this sham very rich. They will get huge subsidies from government while at the same time selling the energy at 20 times the cost of current electricty. They are basically picking your pocket twice. And what they are delivering will never be able to replace cheap fossil fuel energy.

I recently wrote to my MP questioning Huhne's energy policy. The initial response was just party political flannel and I insisted on a better answer. Eventually, I received a letter from Energy Minister Charles Hendry setting out the government's position and avoiding answering any of my quite basic questions about the flaws in the policy. My conclusion to date is that we are going to get seriously fucked over. This announcement make it even worse.

This chap talks sense, but the trouble is that nobody is listening:


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