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National Ammo Day

National Ammo Day
The Ammo Day website is no longer active, but the Ammo Day mission continues: Buy 100 rounds of Ammo (or equivalent in reloading supplies) every November 19 (or the week surrounding it).

I tried, I went into a large gun shop in Salisbury waving my ticket;
"I want a couple of boxes of .38..."
"Sorry Sir"
"Anything in .357?"
"No, we haven't sold either of those for ages, no call for them, we
might be able to get some in for you....."

Sorry Kim, I tried, I guess you don't have the same problem in Texas.


That would be fun - everyone walking into a shop and asking for ammo.

No call for them? Surely pistol calibre carbines (min barrel length Winchesters which take pistol ammo, and not just .45ACP) are in use in gun clubs? They were in my old one. Or do the few remaining shooters now have to press their own?

I'd ship you a couple cases of .38 and .357 from my own meagre supply, but I think the rozzers would take exception, the bastards.

You'll just have to come over here to shoot them off...


I know where there is some .357 & 38spl a few miles down the road from you but i dont think you will like the price its £15.50 a box for .357 and £14.00 for .38 nice little trip into Dorset intrested?

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