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Green is the Colour of Money

Arnold Schwarzenegger: my future as a green activist | Environment | The Guardian
Schwarzenegger is the "founding father" of the new venture, a self-appointed global champion in the war against climate change.
The vehicle for this next stage of his life is the new R20 group of city and state leaders, which Schwarzenegger conjured into being at his climate summit this week.
he will see where the R20 takes him.
"It could very well be that this would be the main thing," he said of his new career, but just as immediately mentioned some alternatives. "It could also be that it would be one of five things that I would do. It could be showbusiness. It could be business in general."
Schwarzenegger said he could see a place for himself mobilising world opinion – and investment capital – "This is where the action is. Right here,"

Kerr-ching! Smart career move.


Arnold Schwarzenegger!

One of the biggest names in Hollywood!

Fourteen letters!

Well, I may only have 10 letters in my name, but at least I'm not a turncoat like this cock-wad. Schwarzenegger rode in like he was going to be Reagan Jr., but then when the California public employee unions stood up to him, he was immediately cowed by his new master... He's shown his true lefty stripes ever since.

Sorry if the term "cock-wad" is offensive in Britain.

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