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Stern Warning that USA Must Tax More

US faces boycott for ‘dirty’ carbon habit | The Times
The United States will be banned from selling goods to many countries if it continues to shirk its promise to cut greenhouse gas emissions, according to the world’s leading climate change economist.
In an interview with The Times, Lord Stern of Brentford said that nations that were taking strong action on emissions could start imposing restrictions on “dirty” US exports by 2020.
Lord Stern said that a complete ban on some goods was also possible. He said the American people should overcome their historical antipathy to taxation and accept that emissions needed to be controlled either through a tax or a trading scheme.
“It’s a country that is very sensitive to big government and taxation for understandable historical reasons,” he said, adding that it was a “conceptual mistake” to see charging for emissions as a tax.

Welcome to the Tea Party Nicky. I think your call for more regulation and, excuse my conceptual mistake, taxes is going to go down like a bucket of cold sick in the US, and as for it being boycotted, that is really going to worry them in Des Moines.


Stern is such a tool. Yet another passenger on the social democratic gravy train. Fetch me a rope!

A return to American isolationism!

Oh sure, that'll be good.

So, Lord Stern, not remembering the experience of Lord North, threatens to tax-or-boycott USA goods. Then, presumably, China. India. Russia.

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