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Today I'm Mainly Preparing The Mincemeat

An Englishman's Castle: Recipe of the Day - Traditional Mincemeat

200g Beef Suet
400g Mixed Fruit with peel
100g of Beef steak (raw minced)
200g of diced cooking apple
bit of nutmeg, squeeze of lemon, some lemon zest.
A large splash of brandy.

Mix them all together, squeeze into a sealable jar and leave for at least a couple of weeks; make it now for Christmas and you will be mouthing my name in thanks as you eat the best Mince Pies ever, and cursing as you will never be able to face a shop bought one ever again.


I'm going to head out after work and pick up the bits to try this - I saw it last year too late to make in time for Christmas so thanks for reminding me.

Just curious, as there's meat in it, how long will the pies stay good? And what condition will they need to be kept in? Sealed tin/cool dark place presumably? Can they be reheated for ice cream and brandy sauce?

So many questions....

TE - The pies seem to disappear too quickly for me to discover if the cooked mixture goes off - I would guess four days in a cool tin would be safe. But I don't know.
But do try it.

Okay, I'm sold. I made it last night and I'm now eagerly awaiting the fortnight mark so I can make some testers. I may have overdone the brandy, if that's even possible. I will let you know the results.

Yep, I am underway too.
No end of trouble sourcing the suet.
No problems sourcing the brandy but then it got "used" after the splash and that buggered last Sunday.
This had better be good.

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