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Sooper Secret Sceptic Slasher Site Launchess

US climate scientists fight back after year of scepticism | Environment | guardian.co.uk

The fight is on. After a year of attacks, climate scientists in America today launch a new website http://www.climaterapidresponse.org aimed at closing the gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding of global warming.
The website offers an online form where journalists can put in a request for climate scientists. The three founders will then locate someone from their list of 50 volunteers with the right expertise. So far, they are getting about five media requests a day

It is a pity they don't seem to be putting the questions and answers up online - maybe they will in the future so we can all learn from them.


I guess Skeptical Science.com and Real Climate.org aren't enough.

It's pushing in the wrong direction too. To close the gap between science and the public scientists needs to admit the uncertainties and sharp practices. The public understanding is that scientists aren't telling the truth and that politicians are using it as an excuse for greater taxation and interference. And we're right!

That's it?

That one page representing nothing more than an online form is it?

When you click on the header "Climate Science Rapid Response Team" it doesn't even take you anywhere.

For all we know, the site could be operated by some crank living in a trailer at the Opelika Mobile Home Park in Opelika, Alabama.

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