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A Pill A Day

Daily aspirin dose 'for everyone over 45' - Telegraph

Is that with or without a hang-over?

Prof Rothwell said that he thought it would be “sensible” for people to start taking aspirin at about 45, when the chance of developing bowel and other cancers began to rise. “The risk of cancer goes up substantially between the age of 40 and 55,” he said.
As aspirin had a preventive effect, it was advisable to start taking it daily towards the beginning of that period, he explained. However, he said it was ultimately up to individuals to decide whether to take the drug, “rather than us making definitive statements”.
Prof Peter Rothwell, the Oxford neurologist who led the bowel cancer study and was part of yesterday’s panel, has started taking a daily dose of aspirin himself.

A doctor suggesting it is up to people to make up their own minds and that doctors shouldn't be making definitive statements - I like the sound of him.


I'd be a bit careful with regular aspirin.
I thought it sounded like a good idea
and after a year or so I found myself in hospital bleeding madly from my bowel. Not fun at all.

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