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Happy Tractor Stats

Scots now seen as cheerier than the English - Scotsman.com News

Using similar methodology to that which will form the basis of Mr Cameron's new scheme, Professor David Bell of Stirling University discovered that over the past ten years Scots have overtaken the English and Welsh when it comes to well-being.
Historically, measurements of happiness have suggested that Scots are by nature more pessimistic than those living in England and Wales.
But during the devolution decade, Scots have become more upbeat and are now surging ahead in terms of happiness.
Professor Bell's work involved surveying 2,500 Scots and comparing their answers with those from the rest of the UK. His results showed that in 1998, Scotland recorded 4.57 on the happiness scale, just behind Wales (4.58) and some way behind England, which recorded 4.7.
The year 2003 saw a gloomier outlook, with Scotland falling to 3.98 but by 2008 Scotland had overtaken its rivals climbing to 4.85 compared with 4.72 for England and 4.81 for Wales.

And we need to spend £2 million to learn next year's results.

And if Dave is worried his happiness score won't show an increase I have a few lengths of well oiled hempen and a list which will get the population cheering.


Scotland cheerier than England?

I am reminded of Bertie Wooster's quip about it never being hard to distinguish between a ray of sunshine and a Scotsman with a grievance.

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