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And the forecast is?

Weather eye: how long will the cold weather last? | The Times

Some forecasters predict that it will be cold all winter, while others say that it will turn out mild
Now that this winter has arrived so early, how long is the bitter cold going to last? This is a frustrating question, especially now that the Met Office no longer makes its seasonal forecasts public. Other forecasters are saying that it will be cold, some say that it will turn out mild, but overall there is a good deal of uncertainty over the outlook for the entire winter....trying to predict what it will do beyond the next two weeks or so is very difficult.

Three weeks time, no idea, but a hundred years time....

They may not have got an idea but I've got 2000 litres of oil in the tank, half a ton of coal in the shed and twenty tons of firewood in the barn...


It doesn't matter, the Weather Bureau will declare it the warmest winter ever, courtesy of Global Warming.

Odd! They can tell us the globe will be 4 degrees warmer in 2100 and the seas will be 4 feet higher but they don't even know what the weather will be over the next few months??? How could that be? Is anyone else but me shocked, shocked I say, at this???

They can't tell you until it has happened, GWTW, because they have to apply their adjustments to the raw data before they can assure you that what felt like brass monkey weather really was rather mild.

Meanwhile, here in the antipodes we're awaiting the first airconditioning of spring, couple of days got close but so far we've resisted.

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