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God Save The Duke

WikiLeaks cables: 'Rude' Prince Andrew shocks US ambassador | UK news | guardian.co.uk
Prince Andrew launched a scathing attack on British anti-corruption investigators, journalists and the French during an "astonishingly candid" performance at an official engagement that shocked a US diplomat.
Tatiana Gfoeller, Washington's ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, recorded in a secret cable that Andrew spoke "cockily" at the brunch with British and Canadian business people, leading a discussion that "verged on the rude".
During the two-hour engagement in 2008 at a hotel in the capital, Bishkek, Andrew, who travels the globe as a special UK trade representative, attacked Britain's corruption investigators in the Serious Fraud Office for what he called "idiocy".
He went on to denounce Guardian reporters investigating bribery as "those [expletive] journalists … who poke their noses everywhere".

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I have been giving the wikileaks a good ignoring but a make an exception for this one. I think I owe the Duke an apology, it sounds as though he actually doing a decent job of promoting Britain whereas I thought he was just flying around on freebies. He certainly is better value than the lowlife scum he castigates and Miss Prissy Tatiana.


Keep up the Good work your Highness.

It's said the Royals cost us 50p each per year, they can put me down for a pound next year, far better our Royals than the low lifeform scum in Parliament and the EU.

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