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Louise Gray on Steve McIntyre

Climate change: Key influencers in the debate - Telegraph

A shadowy figure who is almost unknown outside the blogosphere, Mr McIntyre has nonetheless been behind much of the recent controversies behind climate change science. His website Climate Audit was one of the first to post up the stolen emails from the University of East Anglia that led to the 'climategate' scandal. Before that he questioned the infamous 'hockeystick graph' showing a rise in temperature as carbon dioxide levels rose. He continues to question climate science and drives much of the sceptical debate on the internet.

Louise, you forgot to mention the white cat he strokes as he sits in his underground lair.


"A shadowy figure who is almost unknown outside the blogosphere"

HANDBAGS! Louise Gray is a well known figure of ridicule inside and outside the blogosphere.

McIntyre is no denier but is a heretic to the warmist cause for being studiously committed to the scientific method, traditional scepticism of wild and unproven claims and keen to bring more transparency to climate science. He goes where the science leads.

Did you notice that Louise has cut and pasted the Caroline Lucas bit from somewhere else?

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