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Your Opportunity To Question Chris Huhne

Live web chat: Chris Huhne on the Cancún climate talks | Environment | guardian.co.uk
To chat about the UN climate talks and global efforts to tackle climate change, he'll be joining us here tomorrow (Tuesday 30 November) from 11.45am-12.30pm.
Please post your questions for Huhne below.
Note that questions not about the climate talks will be marked off-topic.

I guess that means mine won't get through. If you have any that he might not answer please post them here...


Not sure if the Scottish Transport Minister had to abandon his holiday in Cancun but it was pointed out that the Justice Minister had been standing in for him at the weekend in interviews about the weather.


But Stevenson was on the TV news yesterday talking about fresh imports of salt and is quoted in the paper today so perhaps he has had to come back to the snow.


My question is: This isn't about anthropogenic global warming and many of proponents know this. This is about power and money pure and simple. As the skirt is lifted and more and more people realize the AGW movement was a scam will it all fall apart or will the politicians and grifters fight harder and pull out the big guns? Will this get violent with government overthrows and war or will the scammers fold up their tent and try another tack?

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