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Warmest Ever

BBC News - 2010 sets new temperature records

Temperatures reached record levels in several regions during 2010, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says, confirming the year is likely to be among the warmest three on record.

The three main temperature records show 2010 as the warmest, or joint warmest, year in the instrumental record.

Oh just fuck off, I'm getting bored by this.


As if anybody actually believes them and their rigged, massaged, adjusted, cherry picked 'data'.

It didn't take Mystic Meg to know that start of COP16 would feature several hysterical 'see, the sky is still falling!' 'reports'.

That's the danger though, isn't it? If rational people get bored, then the charlatans and dull-witted obsessives could win.

Temperatures reached record levels in several regions during 2010

Several regions? Wow!

So just because January 23rd 2010 in Timbuktoo was the warmest January 23rd Timbuktoo has ever experienced the entire year is deemed "one of the warmest on record". And this before they have even collated the temperatures for November or recorded the ones for December.

Damn! These guys must be good.

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