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Nice Work If Louise Can Get It

Ministers at climate change conference flying to luxury beach resort - Telegraph

Chris Huhne, the energy and climate change minister, will lead 45 delegates from Britain staying at the £240-a-night Moon Palace, where each room has a jacuzzi. The hotel boasts bars, a crazy-golf course and crocodile-filled ponds.
The £43 million conference, guarded by the Mexican army, has been criticised by local environmentalists for turning a blind eye to pollution and deforestation on the heavily built-up hotel strip where it is being held...in Cancun, created by the Mexican government 40 years ago on a pristine strip of sand and mangrove forest. Most of the forest has been lost and coral reefs destroyed.
By Louise Gray in Cancun

Our crack reporter is on the spot ready to bring back breaking news not counting the risks and hardships as she serves the public.
I suppose WWF couldn't have just emailed their press releases to London.


"Crocodile-filled pools" eh?"

Perhaps they should invite some associates of the late Idi Amin to the conference.

They knew a very ecological way of disposing of opponents, which involved crocodiles.

I expect they are probably caymans or alligators (which live in South America) rather than crocs (which don't).
They are no use for handbags or shoes but rather similar in other respects. Still, you can't expect the
average expert ecological/environmental correspondent to know the finer points.

Hell if the ecological/environmental correspondent knew the finer points this whole 'man-made global waming scam' - designed to bankrupt the West - would have been blown out of the water within hours and our politicians would have been spared the humiliation which is apparent to anyone who can walk and breath at the same time.

But I guess the ecological/enviromental correspondent would have nowhere to stay in Cancun were they to refuse the 'suite with minibar, jacuzzi .....'

They should host the next one in Sunderland, Amiens or Detroit. You'd quickly see how concerned people were about boiling the planet.

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