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Environmental News From The Castle

Excellent report from the twitchers identifying 40 different bird species flourishing here, including quite a few red listers. And they missed the Barn Owl who roosts where I keep the coils of hempen rope ready and the new arrival the Red Kite.
Mrs E isn't quite as happy as since Mr K arrived her outdoor chicken flock has diminished, maybe just a correlation but no feathers are left and the body vanishes into thin air.
The three hundred hedgerow tress and shrubs aren't getting planted as the ground is frozen, I just hope they are well enough heeled into to protect their roots as they wait for a warmer day.
And it is a busy day today cutting up logs again. I feel like a wise virgin again as I'm already being begged for firewood by other suppliers who have run out, whereas I bought as much of it as I could in the summer, fearing hoping for a cold winter.


"I bought as much of it as I could in the summer, hoping for a cold winter."

Whereas they, of course, believed the Met Office.

More fool them.

It's an ill wind...

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