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Met Office Triumphs Nearly Correct Forecast of Over Eight Hours

Scottish travel chaos blamed on 'wrong kind of forecast' | UK news | The Guardian

Pressure was growing on the Scottish government tonight after the country's transport minister appeared to blame the wrong kind of weather forecast for the travel chaos that brought much of the central belt to a standstill in heavy snow.
Police were today still working to clear hundreds of vehicles stuck or abandoned on key routes. Some travellers endured 15 hours trapped in their vehicles on Monday night as snow, ice and freezing fog left many major routes, such as the M8 and M9, impassable.
The Scottish transport minister, Stewart Stevenson, initially insisted that the authorities had done a first-class job in the face of "unforecast and extreme weather". He told BBC Radio Scotland that the government had prepared for one set of weather but "the advice we were working on did not meet the requirements".
Forecasters, however, insisted that snow warnings were made on Sunday night and Monday. The Met Office, which the Scottish government uses as its source for weather information, said no one should have been surprised.
"Warnings went on to our public website at around 8.40 on Sunday evening for heavy snow starting at 5am," said Met Office spokeswoman Helen Chivers. "The amounts were for 2cm to 5cm overall with up to 10cm in some places." She said 5cm of fresh snow fell in Glasgow and 7cm in Edinburgh. There were reports of 12cm falling in Livingston.

Wow! A forecast over eight hours ahead of a blizzard. What more could you expect for the measly millions the Met Office costs?
My bunch of seaweed is frozen solid hanging outside the porch and is covered in white stuff, so relying on that I have no idea what the weather today is going to be.


12cm? Less than 5 inches? That's the worst that fell and all it takes for central Scotland to descend into chaos?

For Fusk's Cakes! Kleinkudoeskop hasn't seen snow since the Jurassic period yet I'm sure even our incompetent local council could deal with five inches of white stuff.

The BBC news in Scotland has been re-running the forecasts from Sunday evening. I think they forecast correctly on Sunday afternoon but then increased the severity of the warning in the evening.

The Scottish Minister several times tried to blame the shambles on lack of warning and by implication an incorrect weather forecast. The Met Office were very careful what they said but seemed to be very angry. There also seemed to be suggestions that some of fault might be forecasts from private weather forecasting companies used by some of the local authorities because the Minister did say something about "conflicting information" (or similar to that).

He was also interviewed on the radio, in the morning I think, and asked about people being stuck in their cars overnight and dismissed the question.

The Edinburgh government did not call an emergency meeting until 2100h on Monday evening.

He is making a statement in the Edinburgh parliament this afternoon, there are many calls for his resignation.

"7cm in Edinburgh"

They clearly weren't there.

I was.

7cm fell in about an hour at Polmont station, while I was waiting (fruitlessly) for a train to Edinburgh Park.

That was in addition to about 30cm which was already lying (as could clearly be seen at the platform edges and the roof margins), and of course it hadn't stopped when I finally managed to leave on a train back to Glasgow.

The Mutt Office spend too much of their research budget on climate astrology.

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