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Smart Meters To Ration Power

Personalised power cuts and pricey meat: Grey Britain in 2030 • The Register

It's full steam ahead for a low carbon Britain, the UK Committee on Climate Change says in its fourth report, published today.
The CCC is the Government's primary advisory panel on cutting CO2 and was established in the 2008 Climate Change Act. But there will be a price to pay for this utopia.
The CCC recommends a carbon tax on food, leading to higher beef and sheep prices - and "rebalancing diets" away from red meat. Meanwhile, household access to electricity will be restricted - thanks to smart grids - or taken away completely, with electricity rationed via a completely automated supply. You'll do the laundry when you're told to, not when you want to.
This is presented as a consumer choice ("enabling consumers to shift non time-critical demand to non-peak times"), but really the key is taking choice away from the consumer - personalised power cuts, if you like. Or no control at all.
"An important element of a smart grid is a ‘smart meter’ which will allow display of energy usage data in real time and remote or automated control of energy usage by suppliers and consumers [our emphasis].
"Meters will allow supply to be controlled remotely," the report stresses, as if we missed the point.


The policy term is 'choice editing' which I find quite sinister.

Nice spot AEC have linked.

We have know about smart meters for some time and their ability to 'control' electricity supply, something which the government have somehow forgotten to mention!

So instead of building new power stations, they're going to ration electricity.

Christ on a bike! That's really clever (Not).

"enabling consumers to shift non time-critical demand to non-peak times"

Like not switching on the heating during those pesky cold snaps that happen from time to time. You know, the ones where an effoff big high pressure zone parks itself over Britain stopping the wind. The same wind those clever climate opeople said would always be there to turn those scenic windmills that generate all the power ever since they tore down all the proper power stations.

Still I shouldn't complain. these numpties have given me a heads up to a wonderful future earning opportunity - shipping diesel generators to Britain in 2030.

By the way, these so-called "smart" meters have been mooted to South Africa's energy problems ever since 2007 when the government's complete mismanagement of the electricity supply system became all too evident.

Do Brits really want to follow the lead of a Third World country?

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