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The Question Punk Is Do You Think Your Course Is Worth £9000?


If you answer no then there isn't a problem. Do something else.
If you answer yes there isn't one either. Grow up, invest in your future.


Ah! But you are using the wrong criteria here and this is causing some dangerous misunderstanding.

Degrees are way too important to be valued like some tacky stock option or pig at market. What you have to consider is the [strike] inalienable right of today's youth to enjoy three years of dope smoking, beer swilling and lying around talking bollocks [strike] intangible benefits three years at university provides a young mind.

That is something without price.

Sorry there was supposed to be some ironic striking through there, but it appears that despite the assurance that we can use html tags [s] and [/s] don't work

All good points, but... the Scots and the Welsh get it for free, paid for by the English.

So, as parliament confirmed, the individual punk ain't worth £9k... and neither are most of the 'courses' unis offer.

So someone can take a degree for the love of the subject (not a vocational qualification - that's what polytechnics were for) and, provided they earn no more than £21k a year, eg by limiting the hours they work, they can devote their lives to ongoing study for only £7 a month for 30 years, after which the debt is written off. It's the perfect way to beat the rats: don't join the race.

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