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The Hockeystick Surfaces on the BBC

BBC News - An animated journey through the Earth's climate history

BBC%20Hockeystick.jpg Click for Full Size

Temperature for the last 1,500 years is taken from Mann, M.E., Zhang, Z., Hughes, M.K., Bradley, R.S., Miller, S.K., Rutherford, S., Proxy-Based Reconstructions of Hemispheric and Global Surface Temperature Variations over the Past Two Millennia, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 105, 13252-13257, 2008.
For the final time period covered, the temperature data is sourced to the Met Office Hadley Centre and to the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

Download the climate data below
CO2 and temperature data for the last 800,000 years [Excel, 84.5kb]
CO2 and temperature data from 1850 [Excel, 53.5kb]


Even though that link is old, the Hockey Stick had been comprehensively discredited even then.

They are just totally shameless, aren't they.

No lie is too big, too obvious, too well-known, too implausible, or too oft-repeated, as long as it serves the narrative.

It would be laughable if we weren't being forced to pay for it.

So based on this data it should be about 25 °C in East Anglia this week.

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