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Porritt Kill The Poor To Save The Earth

Growth must stop, says Porritt | The Sunday Times

One of Britain’s best known eco-campaigners, Jonathon Porritt, has attacked other green activists, accusing them of failing to challenge the mantra of “economic growth”, which he sees as the underlying cause of most environmental destruction.

He believes that most of Britain’s green groups, including the National Trust (NT) and the RSPB, which have nearly 5m members between them — plus others such as WWF, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace — have become so conservative that they no longer dare campaign strongly on such issues.

Instead, he suggests, they have become too focused on creating “islands of conservation”, such as nature reserves, which cannot survive in a world of warming, habitat destruction and pollution.

Porritt, a former government adviser, will expand on his views in a lecture tomorrow at the Royal Society in London entitled The Growth Fetish and the Death of Environmentalism.

He said: “Most of us, especially young people, assume the future will be like today but a bit better. What climate science tells us, however, is that this is wrong.”

'There's not a mainstream political party in the world out there challenging the orthodoxy of business-as-usual economic growth - stretching indefinitely into the future. Meanwhile, environmentalists continue to do their best to slow the pace of destruction, but are still losing battle after battle. Worse yet, we'll lose the war if we can't free ourselves of our subservient dependence on today's earth-destroying economic growth'.

Has some one sent him a copy of Worstall's excellent book - "Chasing Rainbows: Economic Myths, Environmental Facts" yet?
There are only two answers to environmental degradation caused by man, economic growth or the slaughter of billions of people. I tend to prefer the former, though if I believed I was one of the pampered elite who would avoid being slaughtered because I was so wise and clever the world needed me to be a leader, I can see why I might prefer the latter.


That's always the conceit of those who would have us ruled by Leftist diktat: that they will be the ones wielding the rod. Fools that they are, they fail to realise that they are just as likely to fall victim to the ice-axe in the brain as we freedom lovers to the firing squad's bullets.

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