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In Bed With Tim Worstall

Early to bed last night to avoid the caterwauling from the kitchen television on which some nonentities were karaoking to impress four wax dummies and apparently the whole nation.

I chose instead to slip under the eiderdown with Tim's slim œuvre.

One hundred odd pages of distilled bloggery. I presume, Dear Reader, that you are familiar with him. If you are then this book is no surprise. It is written in the same amusing and irreverent tone but he has more space to expand and explain the fuckwittery of some environmental policies.
It isn't a sceptic book, he has no argument with the "consensus" on green science and Sternian Policies, just the way that leaders and campaigners are trying to implement them by ignoring the most basic of truths.
I know he would not object to describing it as from the P J O'Rourke school of writing, and from me there is no higher praise. It was the most enjoyable couple of hours I had last night.

A Worstall in the stocking would be ideal for Christmas morning for your friends, and enemies.



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