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Sadly Missed

The death of Tom Walkinshaw got me thinking about this little beauty of an XJRS I used to own - it was only a three speed automatic, but with a V12 6 litre engine, hand built by TWR in Abingdon, that was enough.
www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/noframes/9794.shtml seems not to approve of the engine but it was sheer joy late at night on the motorway holding her in second until about 90mph and then dropping into third and pressing the loud pedal, which would punch you back into the seat, piss off absolutely any nearby boy racer and send the fuel gauge into free-fall.

But the babyseat wouldn't fit so it was sold...


You will probably have seen this qualifying lap at Bathurst in 1985.
Best Bathurst I have ever been to. I'll be in that crowd on the top of the hill somewhere with a full mullet. Tom brought three of these out and stomped all over us and probably only cheated a bit (there were inflatable bladders in the fuel tanks type rumours about). The commentator in this calls him an Englishman but don't worry I am pretty sure it was just a one off. It was well known that he was a Scot, and was referred to as such by the track commentators (and Win Percy and Jeff Allam as Englishmen).
O/T First batch of pies good and will be stuffing another jar soon.

Mm. That's an agony I remember. I used to have a Sovereign 4.2 coupe OUAT, and during a flat burn up against a Stag on the M1 I could, quite literally, see the fuel guage moving... *sighs*

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