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Unelectable Woman Demands More Unelectable Women In Power

Why we need quotas for women MPs | Glenys Kinnock | Global development | guardian.co.uk

Quotas clearly have a positive effect. The system of reserved seats, such as that in Uganda and Rwanda, has guaranteed women will be elected and will achieve a specified level of representation.
Quotas are capable of dealing with that discrimination and of ensuring that when there is women's leadership, there will be significantly more support for health education and other quality of life issues. We have seen clear evidence of this in Timor-Leste, Morocco, Rwanda and South Africa...According to the Fawcett Society, political parties too often fail to adequately respond to the significant barriers women meet wherever they want to stand for parliament. They have summed up those impediments as the "four Cs": confidence, culture, childcare and cash.

Funny having an unelected woman who was a Eurocrat and in the House of Lords only because she opened her scrawny legs for a ginger windbag made me think of a fifth C word.


Nowhere in her "four c's" does she mention perhaps the most important one - COMPETENCE.

Our Glynis proudly points to South Africa as an example of a country that pushes women candidates onto party and cabinet lists. Perhaps she's unaware that in a government not exactly renowned for its competence, lady ministers are far more likely to be identidfied as the worst incompetents.

Hell! Closer to home there's plenty of evidence that all-women shortlists and gender specific recruitment is a disaster. How many of Blair's Babes reached 2010 with their reputations for competence intact?

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