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Boris Tests The Ice

The man who repeatedly beats the Met Office at its own game - Telegraph
Piers Corbyn not only predicted the current weather, but he believes things are going to get much worse, says Boris Johnson.
In a few brief hours, we are told, the snowy superfortresses will be above us again, bomb bays bulging with blizzard. It may be that in the next hours and days we have to step up our de-icing, our gritting and our shovelling. So let me seize this brief gap in the aerial bombardment to pose a question that is bugging me. Why did the Met Office forecast a "mild winter"?

As has been noted there is no senior politicians who articulates the doubts of a large proportion of the electorate about Global Warming. Boris of course professes his continued faith in AGW, just as rebel colonists professed themselves loyal to the King but they just doubted his ministers.
There is a large chunk of the Tory party that would follow a sceptical leader when the time comes. That time is not yet, but groundwork is being laid.


From the point of view of a rival for the leadership, Dave's love of AGW and its associated expensive lunacy has to be his most vulnerable point. Good place for Boris to start.

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