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Winter Cheer

Mrs E awoke me at 2:30 to alert me to the ducks quacking outside the window. We lost one to Mr Fox a week ago when he crept across the ice to them.
So it was on with Uncle Percy's overcoat over the dressing gown and out I went with the Marlin underlever to try and deliver some 357 Magnum 125 Grain Full Metal Jacket Flat Christmas Cheer to our visitor.
He scuttled off the through the fence too quickly and by the time I was over the road he had headed for the hills. But the moon was out, the snow was crisp and his tracks were trackable.
I failed to catch up with him but the armed stroll up onto the downs on such a night was worthwhile. Not a soul apart from me was stirring, miles across the valley street lights sparkled but otherwise I was only in the company of the friendly ghosts who have trod these ancient hills on thousands of winters in the past pitting their wits against the weather and wild animals.


Sounds like a job for Mr FM, I'm sure he wouldn't mind lurking in the bushes all night clutching his weapon...

"Sounds like a job for Mr FM, I'm sure he wouldn't mind lurking in the bushes all night clutching his weapon..."

Mr Vaizey might class this comment as pornography and thus we would have to apply to our ISP to read this blog!
Never mind the madness of King George this political class make him look like a beginner.

A beautiful gun but I thought gun controls there prohibited them? Yes/no?

Anybody else out for a walk that night meeting you would have been in for a surprise, mind you perhaps your neighbours are aware of your nature.

You're bonkers even to think of going out in weather like that. I mean, if it were ramblers and/or pikeys for prey, that would be one thing...

And by the way, the .357 underlever was an excellent choice for Reynard.

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