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The Guardian Answers The Why Is It Cold Question

Q&A: What's behind the UK's freezing weather? | UK news | guardian.co.uk

A... it's getting warmer.


Bring on the Ice Age. Yo!

I loved this:

"The transport secretary has asked the government's chief scientist whether future winters are likely to continue to deliver extreme conditions. What's the likely answer?

The short answer is we don't know."

Leading to the obvious conclusion (of course):

"Over coming decades, the predictions are clearer: it's getting warmer."

Do you get the feeling that they might just be trying to bend the theory to suit the evidence? Casting your mind back to the beginning of the AGW scare, how many times did they say back then that one of the results of global warming/climate change would be colder winters? I'm fairly sure that this was never mentioned until now. I can recall the "Our children won't know what snow is" comment, though.

How stupid do they think we are (not politicians, the public)?

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