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Big in Japan

Long-term change in annual mean surface temperature anomalies over the globe. The bars indicate anomalies of surface temperature in each year. The blue line indicates five-year running mean, and the red line indicates a long-term linear trend. Anomalies are deviations from the normal (1971-2000 average)

Global Temperature in 2010 Most Likely Second Warmest (preliminary) - Japan Meteorological Agency
The ranking is preliminary and is based on the January to November data and is subject to amendment in February when the December data is in.

Interesting graph - with the December reading that plateau at the right will be flatter I guess. More of a chopstick than a hockeystick shape.

(Sorry - I don't do Alphaville songs)


So (assuming the graph is "accurate" - which is a pretty big IF, given Climategate etc etc), half a degree in a hundred years, and most of that happened before any significant amount of man-made CO2 was released into the atmosphere.

And further, if they hadn't been scared to show it, I bet the preceding hundred years looks exactly the same - taking us back to the end of the Little Ice Age.

And for this we are supposed to destroy our prosperity and hand all our wealth, plus control over our entire lives, over to the likes of Monbiot and Al Gore?

Christ on a bike.

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