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Moonbat - Warm Would Be Better

The cold claims lives while energy companies get rich | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
Between 25,000 and 30,000 people a year are hastened to the grave by the cold here – this winter it could be much worse.
Why? Inequality....There should be a perfect synergy between climate change and social justice policies.... Green policies must be funded by transferring money from richer consumers to poorer ones.
But until something is done, the cold will keep killing, at levels that even the Siberians don't have to endure.

Cheap power is the answer. Funny he doesn't mention that.


Cheap power is the answer. Funny he doesn't mention that.

Yes. Funny isn't it!

And maybe if the cheap power was provided by coal it would produce some of that lovely, warming, carbon dioxide!
Plant food, warming (very slight), cheap ower, saving imports of natural gas from "friendly" governments.
Sounds like a win - win to me. Wonder why George didn't think of that either?

Nonono, high penalties for EVIL companies for not providing free energy despite the necessary high ecotax on same energy are the answer!
The Moonbat approves, so it must be true.

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