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Speed Cameras - It's All About The Money Pt. 2

Motorists allowed to go 10mph over speed limit | The Times
Motorists will be able to drive at more than 10mph above the speed limit and still escape punishment under a new funding framework designed to keep speed cameras activated across the country, The Times has learnt.
Under proposals set to be endorsed by police chiefs in the new year, motorists will be given the chance to take a speed awareness course and avoid getting points on their licence, as well as a statutory fine. Course fees will be raised sharply and the money will be used to finance a national network of speed cameras, which had been under threat from deep cuts to the Government’s road safety budget.
The plan is backed by more than 20 police forces, motoring organisations and road safety campaigners.

The Times misses the point in its excitement to describe a large fee and spending an afternoon being re-educated as "escaping punishment".
It is all about money. The Speed Awareness Partnerships are perfect bureaucracies. They employ people to create and enforce rules, which then create fines, which are they then spend on the people they employ. Perfectly circular. And from inside the circle perfectly reasonable.


What's the betting the organisation that sets the policy, ACPO plc, will also profit from running the courses?

Of course ACPO will cream off the money, that is the object of the idea. But do tell, why is ACPO still in existance? It is contrary to all our Constitution on so many levels, a group of senior police officers (lower case deliberate) running a company on taxpayer money and dictating government policy to further enrich themselves. Un-bloody-beleivable in a so called civilised Country governed by consent and the Common Law.

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