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Watching Your Drink

'Tag every bottle of alcohol to trace adults who supply child drinkers' - Scotsman.com News

Under the scheme, bottles would bear a printed barcode enabling authorities to track whether legally bought alcohol has been given to youngsters.
The scheme, which is already being piloted in problem areas of Dundee, involves the police seizing alcohol from under-18s and then using the coded bottle labels to trace where the drink was bought from.
Officers then use CCTV from the shop to identify who bought the drink........

It is already happening, this isn't some Orwellian warning.

Luckily every fortnight respectable citizens put empty bottles outside their houses in green bins. Decanting your hooch into a bottle from the vicar's doorstep seems even a better wheeze than picking off the barcode label.

What are the chances that this ability to track alcohol purchases to customers is picked up by the Health Nazis, for our "own good"?


Well, yes, obviously the prime use of this would be to track individual adults' alcohol consumption and highlight those in need of "re-education".

All the more incentive to just neck it before you get lifted by the polis.

Time to dust off ye olde still...

How easy will it be to tear off the label?

Or will it be illegal to have a bottle without the label?

Oh sod, I just gave them the idea . . . .

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