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Scholae, cui bono?

School subjects 'sidelined in drive to promote social justice' - Telegraph

Traditional subjects are being sidelined as ministers use schools to “repair social inequalities” rather than educate the next generation, according to a leading teacher.

Education - always remember who the customer is.
In State schools it is the State (or more accurately The Government and it's favoured Special Interest Groups.)
In Private schools it is the parents.
In all schools the teachers think it should be them as safe havens to keep the unemployable off the streets.
If you ever discover one where the poor bloody children are then please let me know.


Indeed, though by and large the Parents are pretty good proxies for the children.

In the opinion of an ex-educator - exactly.

Sums up the local 'Academy' which Ed Balls and some lying County Councillors created from the destruction of three, yes three, decent secondary's in the name of '21st century world class learning opportunity'.

The kids protested in a mass picket on their school fields in one of the schools with two smaller protests at the other two on the same day at exactly the same time. They were brilliant
The parents formed an 800 strong action group of which I was proud to be a part.
The teachers moaned about their TUPE terms.
The teaching unions reps accepted better paid jobs within the new school and kept silent.

All to no avail... Except I got my 13 year old out of state education and he is now being home schooled, thank god.

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