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Unions Don't Add Up

Scrapping public sector jobs costs more than it saves, claims Unison study - Scotsman.com News

The union calculated a council worker earning £20,000 a year paid almost £5,000 in taxes and national insurance but would cost more than £11,000 in benefits, such as Jobseeker's Allowance and child tax credit, and lost revenue.

(20-5)>11 in the old maths, but then that was the old maths.


And they further assume that all council workers will be unable ever to get another job. They don't think much their members do they.

Public sector unions genuinely don't understand where the money for their members' wages come from. The £20k in the equation above does not count as a cost, it's all from the magic money-tree.

This is Richard Murphy's math. From a report he did for the TUC.

The answer then is so simple!! Just put everyone on the public payroll. Then the biggest problem would be what would you do with all the money coming into the public coffers. You would have to buy heavy equipment to shovel it all into bins. In fact in a few years the government would have so much money it could burn it replacing fossil fuel. By golly I think these union mathematicians are brilliant!!

Not that dishonest argument. Remind these people that government workers are paid with taxes.

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