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Flipping Poles

Observations: Why is the north magnetic pole racing toward Siberia?

This is a real no brainer. Warming, less ice = more H20. The less ice you have, the less dense... our poles are like a bar magnet, therefore our tilt is based on Jupiter / Sun. The Sun pushing and Jupiter pulling. At some point our axis point will rotate and become flat, and the earth will spin on its side. It will be quite interesting to see what artifacts are discovered under all that ice.. anyway..


How does less ice = less dense?

Are you saying that ice is more dense than water?

Or have I missed something

Is this commenter really saying the the minuscule change in the Earth's mass distribution caused by replacing a thin skin of ice on a small area of the globe with water is enough to change the axis of rotation of the whole planet? Really?

Given that over the life of the planet we've had everything from "snowball earth" to much higher temperature enviroments than today resulting in major polar ice changes far in excess of a bit of Warble Gloaming, and that during all this the planet's landmasses have also been galloping around the planet on their tectonic plates like frisky new born lambs, why would the melting of a bit of ice dramatically alter the mass distribution and cause the kind of problem he describes when these other events didn't?


OK now please back away from the keyboard and these nice people in white coats will take you away to where you can talk to the voices...
Absolute tosh, clearly someone did not pay attention in the Science Class did they? As a "theory" it is barking mad on so many levels. Clearly the author of this comment has somebody to lead them in out of the rain and probably a "Thinking Brain" dog.

Not sure your theory is quite as brilliant as you seem to think - ice is less dense than water (think frozen pipes...)

Nice try though

I feel sorry for the people who write the blogs for magazines like Scientific American, Popular Mechanics etc.. The nutters flock to them like moths to a flame. The very first comment is some tom-fool speculation that the Earth's magnetic field has something to do with the black hole at the centre of the galaxy, and it goes downhill from there. These are the sort of people who in days gone by would write long letters to the editor in green ink. What a bunch of maroons.

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