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Weak Answer to The Big Question

Are humans definitely causing global warming? | Environment | guardian.co.uk

"If some newly discovered factor can account for the climate change then why aren't carbon dioxide and the other greenhouse gases producing the warming that basic physics tells us they should be?"

So most scientists are careful not to state human influence as an absolute certainty. Nonetheless, the evidence is now extremely strong.

In other words the models show it must be human GHG so if it isn't then the models are wrong and that is inconceivable.


The endgame approaches for the anthropogenicist alarmists.

The models predict global warming down to human CO2 emissions.

Humans conceived of and wrote the computer models.

Therefore the cause of the problem is clearly anthropogenic.

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Everyone should know the answer to this.
"Basic Physics" predicts a very small amount of warming. The consensus predictions are derived from decidedly non-basic physics, producing positive feedbacks such as higher temperature leading to higher humidity, leading to stronger greenhouse effects.
If those predictions are wrong, it is most likely because either they got cloud behaviour wrong (e.g. higher humidity produces more cloud, therefore higher albedo, therefore less warming), or because there are other negative feedbacks in the system that cancel it out (e.g. the plant transpiration thing that came out recently).

All I can hear is the sound of battalions of warmists grasping at straws.

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