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Monbiot's Castle

In this morning’s Guardian George Monbiot advocates that the rich should have their homes forcibly opened up to solve housing shortages and those that refuse be punished.

Let’s All Go To Monbiot’s

A bit spacious for a single man?


Politics of envy all over the place. Next they'll be suggesting farms be opened to Travellers.

Reminds me of the movie Dr, Zhivago. After the revolution that is what the new communist government did. I have always thought that Dr Zhivago is a great learning tool for those who think our system will collapse.

And that's apparently just his house in Wales.

Presumably he must have digs in London too. Why, there's scope here for George to house two families or five to six single adults!

"All reformers, however strict their social conscience, live in houses just as big as they can pay for."

— Logan Pearsall Smith

I have no problem with allowing incentives for the rich to share their wealth. Maybe some kind of tax writeoff? I don't know. On one hand, I look down on the people who have way more than they need, but don't share. However, I believe very strongly that if I own something legally, then the government has no business telling me what to do with it. If the rich are going to be "punished" for being rich, then what incentive does one have to contribute to society?


Just found this page - thanks for posting. I have linked to the image (with credit, of course) for my blog post on Monbiot's breath-taking hypocrisy. Hope you don't mind. Any prob's, please email me.




Wouldn't know about London, but I am reliably informed the owner of 82 Percy Street, Oxford is one G Monbiot.

Extract from George's Guardian piece .... "Your housing footprint is the number of bedrooms divided by the number of people in the household"
I live in a shed, albeit quite a flash one. It has no bedrooms as that would confuse the regulators. Hence my "housing footprint" = 0. Therefore I assume I am now an environmentalist 'kin legend?

I have a great humanitarian movement I am starting as well. It's called "Punch George Monbiot in the Face".

Consider the intent behind

1) Monbiot's claim on YOUR property, your right to have it and the state's right to allow or allocate it without you having any choice in the matter
2) Blatantly LYING to hide the hypocrisy of his rubbish as he himself is equally or more guilty of the same "crime" as most of his readers (a la Al Gore's utility usage).

When you accept that you are dealing with a person willing to perpetuate such blatant deception in order to see YOUR PROPERTY AND FREEDOM abriged and/or stolen under false and disingenuous pretenses, then you must accept that you are dealing with a person with a personal agenda to do harm to you, against your will and with malicious and devious intent. Thus you should forego no opportunity to PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE. Do it for your friends, family and all the fruits of your labor.

So all heed the clarion call. If you have a shred of guts in you. If the males among you have even the smallest of outward anatomy occupying the front of your pants. And if the angry reactions here are truthful, honest and credible, then your mission is clear: PUNCH GEORGE MONBIOT IN THE FACE. You know where he lives, you know where he works, and you can probably find out where he goes for lunch and groceries. Armed with this information (and your fist of course), there should be nothing stopping you from putting your convictions into action. This man has been given a pass to speak to us in frank terms about his belief that we are bad and dangerous and deserve nothing but enslavement and control by the state to protect HIM and his deserved elite from US. Well I'd hate to see him live to be a hypocrite. Let's give him what he wants. Let's validate these horrendous opinions he has formed about us without even knowing us. We are horrific savages, incapable of existing without his dictates. He said it not us. He has begged, and nagged, and repeated this ad nauseum. I think its only fitting that we live up to our end of the deal... for his sake of course. And a good hard punch to the face should provide a fitting validation to his claims.

YOU citizen of the world, have been singled out (en masse) by the great Monbiot by virtue of your unworthiness to live in his world. He calls you useless, convictionless consumers and earth killers. Prove to him that you DO have conviction. PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE, early, often, and until he accepts that you do. Then punch him again for shamelessly hiding, alone in his two story mansion, from his.

Cowards like Monbiot are easily defeated. Will you and your fists step up...?

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