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How Many Would Have Died In The Cold Without Coal Power?

Why we need a law on ecocide | Polly Higgins | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Sophie Scholl, a Munich University student, was executed for revealing the truth about the activities of the Nazi authorities; today 20 brave Ratcliffe whistleblowers have been sentenced at Nottingham crown court for plotting to draw attention to the truth of the activities of another German entity. This time, replace the tyranny of the Nazis with the tyranny of the energy giant E.ON.
Scholl and 20 others stood up and took direct non-violent action. Their crime was the dissemination of leaflets highlighting and decrying the tyranny of the Nazi dictatorship. It was a decision to undertake something unlawful – an act that they believed was a necessity – to halt a greater but unnamed crime, a crime that cost many lives. That crime did not, at the time, have a name. But it soon did: genocide.
The Ratcliffe 20 did the same in April 2009. They too were prepared to stand up and take action. Their crime was planning to shut down Ratcliffe-on-Soar, a coal-powered station that is one of Britain's largest greenhouse gas emitters. The state was failing to prevent a greater injury from taking place; the loss of life. This time it is not only human life, but all life.
Scholl and her co-conspirators were denied the right to defend themselves in their trial.
Prior to the Ratcliffe trial, the judge ruled: "the defendants must have the opportunity of putting that contention (that the emissions from the power station do pose an immediate threat) before the jury, no doubt backed by expert evidence." Expert evidence was heard, from James Hansen, the former head of Nasa's Goddard Institute, on the immediacy of the threat to life caused by escalation of emissions, to MPs who confirmed government inertia. All of which the jury failed to accept. What will it take for that dense sea fog to dissipate and for the truth to be revealed?

Polly is a barrister so obviously only has contempt for the little people of the jury who are too "dense" to see her point of view. She is also a nasty eco-fascist who uses odious comparisons of gobby trustifarians and brave victims of the Nazis. She is dog shit.


All of which the jury failed to accept.
Polly thick bitch cannot see the bleeding obvious. People she takes for fools are actually quite intelligent. I'm convinced the only thing keeping the Guardian in business is state sponsorship.

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