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Pulling a Sickie

Two million off sick after New Year break - Telegraph

Sickness rates among NHS staff – Britain's biggest employer with more than a million employees – were higher than other sectors, forcing more money to spent on hiring agency staff to cover those who are absent.
For every five men off with a cold or flu there are eight women – indicating that more contact with children and being run down by chores has left them more susceptible to the virus.

I wonder what the rate among self-employed men is.


Pretty low - we can't afford to take time out. Our taxes are essential to providing the civil servants and NHS staff the cushy offices, plushy pensions - and sickies!

What sexist bullshit that is obviously designed to ensure more and more kids get protected/poisoned by the flue jab!

As a self-employed engineer I cannot afford to be ill, let alone off sick! I have a daughter employed as a staff nurse, & she hates the thought of being off sick, trouble is it's all those sick patients breathing germs all over place that make the staff sick!

Self employed women won't be any different, nor will women looking after families.

For every five men off with a cold or flu there are eight women

Can't comment on the causes, but it does rather stuff all that "man flu" bollox, doesn't it.

I have been working continually since 1972. In that time, I have had 2½ days off work due to "illness". 2 Days when I had my wisdom teeth out when I was about 23 years old, and half a day off last August when I had a knee arthroscopy. I usually take about a week off work during the Christmas holiday, and every 4-5 years I may take another week off during the summer. Apart from those, and bank holidays and weekends, when I usually do some work anyway, I am at work from.

I am male and working in the private sector.

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