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Whenever I Hear The Word Culture I Reach For My Browning

Pitt%20Rivers%20Gun%20Room.jpg +

Catching up from a trip to Oxford - the renewed Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers Museums are wonderful (throw in the Natural History as a bonus), and I'm all cultured out.
Lunch at the Ashmolean Resturant looking out over the spires in the sunshine and all was pretty well with the world.
The picture is from the reopened top floor of the Pitt Rivers; points for naming them.


I see a SMLE, a Sten. An M1 carbine, A Garand.
A Ross rifle.
A Luger

Is there a Lee-Metford in there?

I'll have the M16, HK and SLR on the far right (no pun intended).

Let's see now,

Top cabinet
First Column - Martini-Henry Breechloader, SMLE
Second Column - Sten Mk II, M1 Carbine, M1 Garand
Third Row - Armalite AR-10

Bottom cabinet
First panel - Lee Metford Mk II, Luger P08 Machine Pistol, Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol
Second panel - Lee Enfield S No 4 Mark 1 (sniper rifle)

Others have enlightened me and beaten me to it. I guess there is a Webley and a Browning 9mm pistol amongst the handguns.

Glad you set the record straight with the real " goering " quote . Usually changed from a witty pun to simply my gun .
Aparently it is actually from a 1933 play and in german is unlock my Browning ! The great John Browning was the edison of firearms !

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