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Ban Not Worked So More Bans Needed

US gun crime: death for sale | World news | The Guardian
What is it with America and guns? Why does the most advanced democracy, which prides itself on being a bastion of reason and civilisation in a brutal and ugly world, put up with this carnage in its own back yard? Why does it tolerate the sea of blood that flows from gun incidents, with about 100,000 people killed or injured every year? Why does it accept an annual murder rate by guns that is 13 times that of Germany and 44 times that of England and Wales?
Obama has allowed, on his watch, guns to be carried for the first time in the US's national parks. He has watched as the courts have stripped Washington and Chicago – two cities troubled by high gun crime rates – of their stringent controls on handguns.

I can't see where the Guardian explains why stringent gun controls are needed when the only examples it produces are two cities where they had them and they failed to prevent gun crime. Is someone missing a logical step here?


The traditional answer from the left is always that if only those gun bans were nationwide it would be impossible to get guns into those high crime areas.
How well that works can of course be seen almost daily in places like London, Birmingham, and Amsterdam.

The Ban works fine it just has one very, very minor flaw that has escaped the bansturbators of the Guardian or "The Gun Control Network".

It is this:


Pretty much the First item in the Job Description for a Criminal but one that has escaped these idiots.

Gun bans worked in North Korea, Nazi Germany... What could possibly go wrong?
Well apart from THAT of course...

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