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The Times Plays The Blame Game

January 11 2011 - Peter Brookes for The Times

January 10 2011 - Morten Morland for The Times

Looks like Murdoch's lackeys behind the paywall know who to blame.


It is worth checking out this little reminder of peaceful leftist cartoons etc:


Assuming it isn't fake, I wonder if the shooter's facebook page proclaiming inspiration from Obama, Che Geuvara, Hugo Chavez and others will get much attention.

Palins' campaign poster with a gun sight on the Democratic Party 'head' is probably not the best way to tone down the temperature in US politics at this time, but I find the Left's attempts to paint this as some sort of 'Fascist' plot contemptible. To the Left, anyone who disagrees with them is now immediately branded a "Fascist" - yet their own tactics and thugs actually do behave in the manner of the 'Fascists' they purport to despise.

The tragedy we all face now is the extent to which politicians everywhere have allowed far to many issues to become polarised and ideologically tied to some particular 'Party Line.' Look no further than the way in which any debate on Climate, migration, finance or the economy to see what I mean. Everything is reduced to slogans, epithets and labels.

If a paranoid schizophrenic hauls off and knifes someone on a bus, we don't link that to any political zeitgeist. We just ask who screwed up in the mental healthcare profession. This is simply the Left trying to deflect attention from the fact they got a drubbing in the mid-terms. It's a disgustingly shabby tactic, but evidence is it's not working.

Palins campaign poster had surveyor markers on it not gunsights. Interestingly here http://www.dlc.org/ndol_ci.cfm?contentid=253055&kaid=127&subid=171 is a Democrat campaign poster with targets on it. A metophor perhaps but hardly inciting violence. Arguably the rabid MSM dogs of the left have in fact incited violence and would have blood on their hands is anyone were to harm Palin, Beck or Rush.

I do find it interesting that the crazed shooter liked Obama and voted for him. Obama has said:
“Don’t you think we’re not keeping score, brother” – Chairman Obama

“Bring it on”- Obama Regime to The American People.

“Get ready for hand-to-hand combat with your fellow Americans” – Obama

“I want all Americans to get in each others faces! – Obama

I think a case could be made that it was Obama's angry rhetoric that incited this crazy man to shoot a moderate Democrat

“You bring a knife to a fight pal, we’ll bring a gun” – Obama

"Republicans are our enemies"—Obama

Not surprisingly, Brookes' Palin-in-a-US-flag-bikini-with-rifle cartoon is itself based on a photoshopped image.

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