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Britain must help us save the euro, warns French PM | The Times
France will urge Britain today to back deeper European integration in order to save the euro, or face catastrophe for its own economy if the currency fails.
François Fillon, the Prime Minister, told The Times that he is taking his message to David Cameron at talks in London that come after a day of respite for the embattled currency.
Portugal, the latest euro state under pressure after Greece and Ireland, successfully raised €1.25 billion (£1 billion) from the markets, slightly easing its debt emergency.
“Europe finds itself at an historic turning point. The real question right now is whether we keep building on this adventure or whether we leave it at that,” Mr Fillon said.
“In order to consolidate the euro we will need gradually to harmonise our economic, fiscal and social policies, hence we are going to go towards greater integration.
“We are going to need to put in place an economic system of governance for the eurozone. Great Britain is not part of the eurozone; at the same time the decision we will take will have great importance to Britain.”
Mr Fillon warned that the British must be careful not to find themselves left behind. “I am sure the UK has its own dynamics and history, I am sure it has its own culture, its own economic assets,” he said.
“The question is: is the UK ready to accept or encourage greater integration of the eurozone or is the UK distrustful of that and will it create obstacles and make it more difficult to happen?”

Do you want the short answer or the long one which involves a detailed description of how you can depart in jerky movements?


Non you may say but Dave seems as happy as his many predecessors for the UK to harmonise on all but currency.

The Euro is an excuse for integration rather than requiring it.

The Euro doesn't need a centralised economic system of governance. All it needs is for national and local banks to price their lending according to the risks they are lending against and the central bank to allow bad lending to be removed from the system by bankruptcy. Spendthrift people, banks and nations will never learn their lesson unless they have to learn it the hard way.

Notice the typical leftist trying-to-frame-the-debate language: if you don't agree with the speaker you are being "left behind" - implication being that whatever they want to do is progressive, correct, good, has the inevitability of history behind it, etc etc etc ad nauseam.

The fact that might be wrong or that we might simply disagree on principle and want nothing to do with their devious little schemes is never allowed for.

As I've said elsewhere, currency union can't work without fiscal and political union - so here come fiscal and political union. They're doing it all the wrong way round, but they'll do it just the same.

And call-me-Dave will support them all the way. He has probably already agreed the date when we'll join the euro. Soon after the next election is my bet, assuming he gets back.

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