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Monboit Despairs of English Democracy

George Monbiot | guardian.co.uk

..Perhaps the biggest impediment the country struggles with is an institution that calls itself the mother of parliaments.
The extent to which England pioneered democratic government is debatable. What's not in dispute is that it's stuck with a system of governance whose roots are at least 796 years old (arising from the Magna Carta of 1215). The ill-defined relationship between the Crown, the government and parliament (which Tony Blair exploited so ruthlessly); the antediluvian procedures; the first-past-the-post electoral system; the House of Lords – all these and more are legacies of ancient history, which most countries don't have to accommodate. As a result, policy in England, by comparison to the newly empowered nations of the rest of the UK, is getting left behind.

Just not progressive enough as those state-teat-suckling Celtic paradises..


There it is again!

"Left behind"

Translation - "not doing things the way I would like to see them done"

Thanks, but no, Moonbat, er, Monbiot.

I'll take the antediluvian procedures Canada inherited from the "Mother of Parliaments" any day over the byzantine governances offered elsewhere.

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