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New European Tree Ring Temp Paper - We Are All Doomed Still

New evidence for climate impacts on ancient societies

Annual-resolved European summer climate has, for the first time ever, been reconstructed over the past 2,500 years. Tree rings reveal possible links between past climate variability and changes in human history. Climate change coincided with periods of socioeconomic, cultural and political turmoil associated with the Barbarian Migrations, the Black Death and Thirty Years' War.

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Results demonstrate that recent warming is unprecedented over the late Holocene, but modern hydroclimatic variations have at times been exceeded in magnitude and duration. Cultural and economic prosperity of the Roman and Medieval eras was closely linked to wet and warm summers. Increased climate variability coincided with the demise of the Western Roman Empire and the Migration Period (~AD 300-600). The Roman-Medieval transition likely represents the closest natural analogue to projected anthropogenic climate change. The associated social disruptions at this time, the so-called Migration Period, might provide insight to prepare for and avoid future climatic-induced turmoil.
This from a lengthy abstract available here - http://www.emetsoc.org/annual_meetings/documents/presentations_2010/UC4_Buentgen.pdf The full paper is published behind a paywall here http://www.sciencemag.org/content/early/2011/01/12/science.1197175 No free access to online data or methods available that I can see.


The paper is available via a subscription to "Science Express" or by paying per article.
A subscription to "Science" is not enough although, presumably, it will become available in "Science" at some time - behind a paywall, of course. Another example of "science by press release".
Good find with the meeting pdf.

Just a cursory glance at that graph shows the good old hockey stick at the right hand end.

I thought everybody now knew how discredited that is?

Apparently not.

Same old same old.

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