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Organic Milk Is Girly

Organic milk is healthier! Tim Worstall points out: "It’s to do with the clover"

Cows eating red and white clover produce less fatty milk, and organic cows eat more clover.

But red clover is a funny plant that some might worry about:

Cambridge Journals Online - Phyto-oestrogens in herbage and milk from cows grazing white clover, red clover, lucerne or chicory-rich pastures The total concentration of phyto-oestrogens was 4 to 5.6 times higher in milk from the red clover diet compared with the other treatments.

(Phytoestrogens are xenoestrogens which means foreign substances functioning as the primary female sex hormone not generated within the endocrine system but consumed by eating phytoestrogonic plants.)

Funny that organic milk is full of sex hormones isn't mentioned...


Well, thank god I only drink a drop of the stuff in my coffee! It's a good job these phyto-oestrogens aren't found in wine or beer...


Oh, cock.

Orgasmic milk?

ROFL... So 'Organic' is better for us than Genetically Modified or fertilized? No wonder most of my friends whose wives go for all this 'ealfy' stuff need bras....

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