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Do Increasing tax powers lead to increased growth?

More tax powers 'don't mean more wealth' - Scotsman.com News

A LEADING economist, Professor Lars Feld of Freiburg University, last night backed calls for a Scottish Parliament with more tax powers but warned it would not automatically lead to a richer nation.
Last week, an official Scottish Government document quoted a paper from two other economists - Andrew Hughes Hallett and Drew Scott - which drew on Prof Feld's work, saying it had shown that increasing the amount of tax and spending powers of Scottish ministers would have the effect of automatically boosting growth.

Increasing the amount of tax powers could mean reducing the amount of tax, but I doubt it, which is why I doubt it would lead to growth.


More taxes sure means more wealth, but only for a very limited group: those luxuriating in leeching tax money into their own bank accounts, mostly politicians and high level government workers.

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