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Caroline Lucas Green MP for Walmington on Sea

Caroline Lucas | The new home front - UK needs a 'war footing' on energy and climate crisis

Britain must move to the equivalent of a ‘war-footing' if we are to overcome the threat of climate change, according to the New Home Front initiative, launched at the Imperial War Museum on Thursday 20th January 2010.
You can download the Home Front report as a PDF [750KB] here
Caroline Lucas MP said: "If we're to overcome the climate crisis, we must move onto the equivalent of a ‘war-footing', where the efforts of individuals, organisations, and government are harnessed together - and directed to a common goal.

Utter arse wipe - contemplating this stinking heap of ordure has given me blogger block for three days. My man Timmy has waded through it on our behalf. He deserves a medal.


If the West is not prepared to go on a war footing to defeat Islamist extremism (a real and substantial threat), how does this loon Lucas expect us to do so for such a vague poltical conjuring trick as climate change?

War footing? For a start you could intern all those damn fifth columnist Greenies Mr Mainwaring.

Funnily enough, that was once part of the UK's War planning.

Which Party does this idiot represent? Probably the Godless Liebor creeps. She must be absolutely desperate to defend the Act on Climate Change which will destroy Britain as a competitor in world trade if it is allowed to stand alongside Liebor's other ticking time bomb - the Equalities Act...

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